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If suppliers dream or wish to bid for tenders advertised by private BANKS in Tanzania; they will be requested to provide the following documentation as part of the preliminary / administrative evaluation (Due Diligence) separate with Technical and Financial Proposal.


  1. 1. A Company profile showing the services offered.
  2. Key contact persons in your business.
  3. Article and Memorandum of Association
  4. Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Company structure and no. of employees
  6. Current Audited financial statements
  7. List of directors, nationalities and their copy of ID’s
  8. List of shareholders and their shareholding
  9. List of current and previous clients (indicate who the top three clients are)
  10. Certificate of incorporation
  11. Insurance Cover
  12. Trading License
  13. Annual Returns submitted to relevant regulatory body
  14. Any other relevant information
  15. Signed Declaration of Conflict of Interest form



Latest advertised tenders from these banks and more other Procuring Entities are available on https://zabuni.co.tz or the ZABUNI APP available on Google Play Store.