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A business without sales will soon be out of business. And it is those big sales that drive the most revenue, simple math right? But where do we go looking for those big tenders and most importantly how do we secure them, do you have any idea? Well, lucky for you we have come up with a few boxes that you might consider checking while searching ad bidding for those tenders just to make sure you are on the right track.


Find tenders that are relevant to your business

Tenders are listed in many places from newspapers (offline) to different websites (online) such as taneps, zabuni, online tenders, tendersinfo etc. But our platform  ‘Zabuni’ lists all tenders in different categories from construction, consultancy to catering tenders thus making it easy for you to choose the ones that suit your business best. You might as well head on to our website and check them out.


Make sure you can fulfil all that the specific tender requires before applying for it

This will save you from wasting a lot of your effort applying for a tender that is somehow ‘too big’ for your company, you need to know your company’s capacity of fulfilling it’s orders especially when you want to take on the big clients for 2 to 3 years.


Get all the required documentation in order

Each tender when announced comes along with requirements for it’s bidding. These documents serve as a guide to companies that show interest. On Zabuni tender documents are made available for download, get them printed and go through them carefully to make sure you meet all the requirements and there after proceed to put all the needed papers in order.


Apply for the tender while it is still fresh and active

Bidding for a tender right after it is announced does no only show your interest in working with the prospective client but it also shows your confidence in meeting their needs. But also early applications might give you an advantage of early replies and hence adjustments. So do not wait for the deadline to get closer and closer apply as soon as possible.


Repeat the process to succession.

As they say ‘fall down seven times get up eight’, while constantly bidding for tenders is a strenuous process itself it holds some substantial rewards.

So do not give up! Keep on looking and keep on applying.



Successful completion of each of the steps mentioned above gives you makes it highly likely that the odds will be in your favor. Leave a comment below, tell us what your biggest struggle is when securing tenders for your business. Share this article with your partners so they can benefit from it too! In case of any questions regarding ZABUNI please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and  Remember you are only one contract away from changing your business.