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Tendering is a common process in many businesses as it is for yours. If you are looking for ways to do it more correctly to increase your chances of securing that contract then you are at the right place. This article will leave you with four highly recommended tips (and one bonus tip you don’t want to miss) to help you streamline your bidding process.


  • Search for your contracts

You need to be looking for those tenders everywhere. In Tanzania most public sector contracts are published in newspapers and trade magazines, you can find out about the private sector through building contacts with potential customers, networking and picking up information from other businesses. Online platforms like Zabuni make it easier to find tenders from both public and private sectors, all that directly in your inbox, visit the website to register.


  • Decide if your company is a right fit for the job.

You can do this by asking yourself a couple of questions like;

do you match the technical skills and experience requirements?

Is the bidding cost within your budget?

Assess how the contract would affect your other work, staffing and the ability to take on other tenders?

Since not every tender will be a fit for you. You can easily answer these questions by getting hold of the bid documents and analyzing them. On Zabuni the tender documents are available for free download.


  • What to include in your bidding document

Your number one focus needs to be your client, you need to talk about their needs and how you can solve their problems. Make a creative contribution and provide ideas, be sure to show that you have the resources to do the work in a cost-effective way to meet the client’s needs. Lay down all the risks involved and how you plan to manage them in order to avoid contract failure it will help you gain more confidence from the client thus increasing your odds of winning the contract.


  • Editing your tender

Before supplying your tender, it is well worth it to check out the little mistakes that might have slipped through your fingers. Use bullet points and headings to break up text and observe all other grammatical rules. Finally SUBMIT ON TIME! This will show how serious and dedicated you are in supplying the tender, do not wait for the deadline to get closer and closer.



When preparing your bidding document keep in mind that it is not always about price also consider the best value for money, meaning create a good offer so as to your client feel that it is worth every penny. Do emphasize numerous business benefits, after all who doesn’t want a good deal.



Invest in the bidding process, have your team put in their best in acquiring that tender. Even if you don’t win, the process can help better understand your strengths and weaknesses as a company. It will help you understand your customer’s needs and you’ll be able to build on their feedback after asking for it. Also, accessing the latest (hottest) published tenders can help your company stay ahead by bidding on time, visit Zabuni here to register and get latest tenders delivered directly in your inbox.