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There are common eligibility and qualifications criteria that need to be met by the vendor/ supplier/ contractor if she/he wishes to bid and successfully be considered for the award of the tender advertised by these private companies, NGOs, international organizations operating in Tanzania such as UNHCR, ILO, Baraka Obama Initiatives, UN Women, UNICEF, WHO, to mention a few.

To be considered for the award, vendors must currently be legally operating in Tanzania, and the quotation must include all of the following information:

A: Eligibility and Qualification Requirements

During Submission (vendor/ supplier/ contractor) you will be required to indicate your details in their Register: Name of the Company, Telephone number, Physical address, and email address.


  1. Possession of a registration professional certificate or license related to tender requesting from relevant authorities;
  2. The bidder must attach a minimum of three or more similar related assignments undertaken in the past 2 years
  3. The bidder must have a positive reputation for good business practice and professionalism:
  4. The current physical location of the bidder mentions the region and district where is registered and operating, which may be inspected for verification;
  1. Ability to meet or exceed the requirements/technical specifications outlined in the TOR given.
  2. Ability to deliver the items/services specified no later than the date(s) required.


B: Submission Instructions

The following information is to be included by a vendor in the proposal:

  • Current company profile.
  • Copies of registration, certificate and address of their registered office, valid business license, VAT, TIN certificates, Tax clearance certificate, and any industry-relevant license or certificate.
  • Evidence of similar assignments, and at least three (3) names and addresses of client served.
  • Current Audited financial statement – for two consecutive years.
  • Payment terms.
  • Please send a separate quote for each lot/line item in the schedule of requirements (if the tender advertised has different lots).

Or other ways in which the tender document attached will be required.

At Zabuni Group, you’ll find the attached documents for each tender, if the tender indicates that you’ll need to request them at their office they’ll indicate the means to request if is by email or physical addresses and if those TOR need payment in order to get them, you’ll be told how much you need to pay and the payment terms.