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Participation of Youth, Women, Elders and People with Disabilities as a Special Group in Public procurement has been observed to have a great impact on the economy of the country if it is well managed. Having observed the importance of participation of this group in public procurement, the Public Procurement Act of 2011 was amended to cover these groups.

Pursuant to Section 64 (2) (c) of Public Procurement Act Cap 410 (as amended) and Regulation 30 C of PPR of 2013 (as amended), all Procuring Entities (PEs) shall set aside thirty (30) percent of their annual procurement volume for this group.


-Person with “disability” includes all Tanzanian nationals, male and female whose normal conduct is hindered by his/her biological or physical makeup, whether by appearance or proof from any recognized sources;




Regulation 30A and 31 of PPR of 2013 as amended provide general qualification criteria required for participation under this preference scheme. An individual or a firm shall be qualified to benefit from the preference scheme for Special Groups if such individual or firm:


  1. Has constituted itself/themselves into a formal entity provided under the Act;
  2. has the necessary qualifications, capability, experience, and, there appropriate, resources, equipment and facilities to provide the goods, works or services intended to be procured;
  3. has the legal capacity to enter into a contract for the procurement;
  4. is not, bankrupt or not the subject of legal proceedings relating to the foregoing;
  5. is among the persons with whom the procuring entity may enter into a contract, not being precluded from doing so under the requirements of Section 51 of the Act;
  6. is not debarred from participating in procurement proceedings under Section 62 of the Act; and
  7. is registered by the appropriate Special Group Supporting Entities (SGSE);
  8. has been entered in the special register of the Authority and the Agency upon being registered and submitted by the relevant special groups supporting entity; and
  9. Has at least seventy percent membership of the members forming such special group and headed/managed/run one hundred percent by the relevant special group.

The Special Group Supporting Entities include but are not limited to SIDO, VETA, Ministry responsible for Community Development, Councils in the Local Government Authorities, and TARURA.



PEs are required by law to set aside 30% of its annual procurement to the registered special groups;

Out of this 30%, PE shall set aside one third (i.e. 10% of its procurement volume) to people with disability, and the remaining two-thirds (20%) to Women, Youth, and Elders;

The break down for the two-third (20% of PEs procurement volume) of special groups will be as follows:

(a) 10% for Youth;

(b) 5% for Women; and

(c) 5% for Elders.

At ZABUNI GROUP, we have designed our platforms to accommodate those special groups in case tenders intended for them are available. Special Group community can visit our website here or the mobile app and search tenders specifically for Special Group on the Special Group Tenders “category”.