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The evolution of technology has made life much easier in many aspects and tender sourcing is no exception. The internet has become a vast platform where many companies look to source for tenders. It might also be that due to how large it is you don’t know where exactly to look this article is going to show you the best online places to visit if you are looking to supply for tenders advertised in Tanzania.


This is the number one Tanzanian based platform where procuring entities publish their projects, bidders also visit the platform to check the newly listed projects and all other processes after bidding are found here like the way awarded contracts and the way forward. Zabuni is a perfect fit for you and your company if you want to source tenders advertised in the country from the government, NGO’s and private sector. The app offers an option for downloading tender documents, once you are registered you start receiving advertising tender updates directly in your inbox and has the friendliest pricing plans amongst all other platforms, you can try it here.



Tanzania national e-procurement system, the system was developed to facilitate public procurement processes in Tanzania. This platform is also focused on tenders advertised only in Tanzania. Although it doesn’t come in as cheap, it also a sure place where one can view tenders most especially the ones that are advertised straight from the government. You can view more about TANePS here.



This platform advertises tenders from the government only but does not focus on Tanzania in particular, it sources all advertised tenders from governments worldwide. It is a good place for a person looking for variety and does not want to base on Tanzania only. They offer different packages to which you can subscribe depending on your goals and needs from the platform. You can check them out here.



This platform enables you to view tender updates freely but there is not much you can do with the free plan hence they also offer different subscription plans. It is focused to serve the masses worldwide with regards to procurement, so it might not be such a good space if you are looking to secure tenders in Tanzania only.



This platform also deals with sourcing tenders worldwide, being in the industry for over 20 years it only makes sense to say that there lies great experience and a lot of information regarding procurement globally from project news to contract awards you name it. So, if you are a company which is now looking to expand supply globally this might be one of the companies for you.



 The sites listed above are in no particular order and are just some of the many available platforms that we have experienced and not limited to them only. You are also free to explore other platforms to find what suits you best with regards to your company. Need to find out more about Zabuni? You can visit our website here or email us at zabuni.og@gmail.com