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In many aspects, different countries have different regulations to guide them in carrying out certain procedures. As for Tanzania, there are different guidelines that companies must abide by when it comes to procurement to both parties, those who advertise tenders and suppliers who wish to bid for those tenders. This article covers in-depth only two of the most important requirements a company must have in order to successfully bid for a tender and increase their chances of being awarded a contract, which is as follows;



Many business owners have a vague idea of what complete company registration in Tanzania looks like, but in order to bid for a tender, you need to be registered under the respective authority and have documents that will enable you to work well with other public institutes.


Documents which a company needs to possess are;

  • BRELA incorporation certificate which signifies registration of your business is now done online through BRELA online registration system (ORS).


  • They need to have a TIN certificate (Tax identification number) from TRA (Tanzania Revenue Authority) to show that you are a taxpayer.


  • You need a Business License from the ministry or a municipality council along with a three to six months bank statement. These are some of the important documents you need to have in hand in order to be legally secured.



These are the documents that will help show your credibility to your client, help them understand your offer better.

  • Your Business/company profile;
  • Business introduction letter
  • Valid tax clearance certificate
  • Article of association (if any)
  • Memorandum of association (if any)
  • Experience justification
  • Letter for a recommendation from at least three well-known companies, among others especially if you are applying tenders from the private sector, NGOs as well as those from an international organization with offices in Tanzania.

It really helps to have documents that showcase any kind of previous work done which also shows your capability of handling the particular job you are asking for.



 It is important to check all your documents and resources and makes sure they are in place to avoid any legal inconveniences, especially if you are a company from abroad looking to source for tenders available in Tanzania. Please do share in the comments what challenges you as a company is facing when it comes to preparing for the bidding process. We are more than happy to listen.